Who is Rosario Giuliana / RosF1Design?

Rosario Giuliana was born on 01/22/1995. From an early age I showed a great attraction towards motorsport, especially for Formula 1, engineering and all the technology behind racing cars. I've always been pretty good at drawing, and just happened to be drawing racing cars often.

Over time, I started as a hobby to draw the technical details that the F1 teams brought to the Grand Prix, taking inspiration from what specialized journalists were doing in the sector.
I also started for fun to deepen and write explaining what I drew, and what I saw.

I started studying engineering and deepening journalism, and today I deal with technical analysis in F1, accompanying my articles with my illustrations.
I have worked with various newspapers and blogs from various countries. Currently you can find me on formu1a.uno, the-race, and sporadically I do insights in the online newspaper motorsportmonday.com, finding my drawings also in the auto motor und sport magazine.

I forgot! RosF1Design, it was my old nickname, with which I am most recognized, is the name of my instagram profile in which I continuously publish contents on the technique in F1 with my drawings.

He also finds me on Facebook and X.com.